Hiab Crane Hire in Sheffield

  • Hiab Crane Hire in Sheffield

    Hiab Crane Hire in Sheffield

     Hiab Crane Hire in SheffieldIf you are looking for a reputed company that provides Hiab crane hire in Sheffield, Diamond H Transport is the right place to go to. When you have large and heavy items that need moving, lifting, transportation or shifting, our Hiab cranes are the perfect solution. We have the right products to suit your needs and we also ensure that you get trained, qualified and experienced drivers to help you with the job. Hiab cranes are also known as lorry mounted cranes, heavy Hiabs, truck mounted cranes, or flat bed lorry with lifting arms. HIAB is in fact an acronym for Hyadrauliska Industri AB, a Swedish company that manufactures such equipment and also loader-cranes, forklifts, demountable container handlers, tail-lifts, and forestry cranes.

    The type of crane that you hire is based on the volume, weight and size of the load. In Sheffield, Hiab crane hired from us can provide tailor made solutions to suit your needs. Our fleet includes vehicles that can lift a range of weights, so that your lifting/moving job is completed smoothly, efficiently and with all safety norms in place. Safety is one of the most important aspects from both your and our points of view and that’s why we employ only highly-trained experts to operate our fleet of Hiab cranes. Typically, these vehicles are required to move fallen trees, construction site work, moving heavy items into homes or high-rise apartments. We can provide free professional advice if you’re unsure about the type of vehicle you need. This depends on the site location and requirements, and our staff can provide the right solution for your needs.

    With 360 degree movable cranes, full loads can be safely moved across any angle, making Hiab crane hire in Sheffield the right option for a variety of moving, lifting and shifting operations. Contact Diamond H Transport if you are looking for Hiab crane hire. Hiab cranes are extremely versatile and some of them can deliver heavy loads to over 20 meters away in all directions. You will need to specify that you need a 360 degree movable one. Speak to us about information, advice and assistance with your moving, lifting or transportation needs for heavy loads.

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