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  • Hiab Transport in Birmingham

    Hiab Transport in Birmingham

    Hiab Transport in BirminghamFor haulage and Hiab transport in Birmingham, Diamond H Transport is the North West’s leading company.  Hiab transport is a specialist service that is tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We are on the road for you 365 days a year because the transport of goods that keep business humming doesn’t take a holiday. You need that delivery at its destination safely and on time. We understand the worth of the products we transport and we are grateful to be entrusted with the job of getting them to their destination throughout the UK. We were founded in 1975. We’ve built our reputation on safety and dependability. As we continue to grow and diversify, our company invests in the latest technology, safety training for our operators and environmental solutions that lessen our carbon footprint.

    We know Hiab Transport often involves specialists products of great value. In Birmingham, Hiab transport company Diamond H Transport respects the responsibility entrusted to us. You can check anytime and know the exact location of your load and when delivery is complete. Our crane operators and most of our senior staff are HGV licensed so fully qualified to operate all types and brands of cranes in all circumstances. Operators are never out of touch. Delivery sites often seem designed to be obstacles but our drivers easily handle the high above ground, and below ground deliveries. We go over or around any obstacles while operating from uneven ground and we do it safely even with the heaviest load. We keep our fleet young and well maintained to prevent delays.

    Hiring a company for Hiab transport in Birmingham is a big responsibility and our promise to our clients is that we cover all the bases for a successful transport every time. We welcome all business; partial loads, one time delivery or ongoing contractual agreement. Contact Diamond H Transport and we’ll answer your pressing questions. As a new customer, we want to meet with you and plan the best strategy to satisfy your Hiab transport needs. You will leave confident that our transport company is reliable and honest with customer service our highest priority. We respect your transport budget and think you will find our prices satisfactory.

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