Hiab Hire in Glasglow

  • Hiab Hire in Glasglow

    Hiab Hire in Glasglow

    Hiab Hire in GlasglowWhile selecting a company for Hiab hire in Glasglow, make sure you approach the specialists. At Diamond H Transport, we are proud of the nearly 200 years of combined service that our staff and directors have in the business! Our reputation and delighted customers throughout the UK and Ireland can vouch for the quality of our vehicles and services. We provide Hiab hire vehicles to service all your needs. Our vehicles range from 7.5 to 44 tons and can perform a variety of lifting operations. We have possibly the largest haulage fleet in the Northwest. All our staff, including several of our directors are fully trained in operating cranes and hold full HGV licenses. HIAB is an acronym for Hydrauliska Industri AB, a Swedish company manufacturing loader-cranes, truck-mounted forklifts, demountable container handlers, tail lifts and forestry cranes.

    Today Hiab is used as a generic term for all kinds of cranes and lifting vehicles. In Glasgow, Hiab hire services provided by us offers vehicles that are suited to all your haulage and lifting needs. For instance, we provide HIAB haulage when no forklift is available or for non-palletted loads, restricted access delivery sites, above and below ground level delivery, delivery over obstacles like walls or ditches or across uneven ground. Our fleet is maintained in top-quality condition and we constantly update it along with our skills.

    Selecting a local firm is one of the best decisions you can make when you require a Hiab hire in Glasgow. We know the area like the back of our hands, the geographical features, weather conditions, possible obstacles and access point. Our staff are familiar with the local conditions, besides being qualified, licensed, trained and fully insured. For more information about our Hiab hire, contact Diamond H Transport. We offer extremely competitive rates, based on your specification. The rates may vary according to value, weight and volume of load, time and distance, and type of destination. You will need to specify whether the load is wide, long, heavy, whether it’s a long or short haulage, whether you require part or contract haulage. Based on your needs, we can also offer storage, distribution, tracking, and telematics.

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