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Long Loads Haulage Across the UK

Diamond H Transport has specialised trailers, including extendable length trailers, and units that can move a range of long loads from 13.6 metres up to 33 metres. Our vehicles include straight frame trailer, semi low loaders and extendables, all designed to make moving your long load easier for you. We have also invested extensively to ensure that 99% of our trailers have a rear steer axle for greater maneuverability and less impact on the road network, 

Over the last 35 years we have moved some really unique and exciting loads, including some really challenging abnormal loads such as aircraft wings, railway carriages and wind turbine blades. Of course we still specialise in the standard long load haulage such as massive steel beams, telephone masts, roof sections, bridges, lighting columns, motorway signs, and railway lines. There is very little that we cannot move thanks to our experience, trailers and expertise.

Our long load hauling expertise ensures that whatever you load is, we will ensure that your load arrives on time and complies to all local and international long load regulations.

Our Long Load Haulage Jobs Include:

  • Steel transport
  • Marine equipment & Railway carriages & Aircraft wings
  • Bridges
  • Lighting columns & Telephone masts
  • Roof sections
  • Pipeline transport
  • Wind turbine blades

As one of the leading heavy haulage companies in the UK, our specialised long load trailers and heavy haulage experts can easily transport your abnormal loads to local destinations, or anywhere else across the UK, Ireland or Europe.

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If you are looking for a leading UK hauler to help move your long loads or unique abnormal loads across the UK or Europe, contact us today and we will help you organise the perfect transport option to suit your load.