GPS Tracking

For the last 9 years Diamond has used vehicle tracking on its own fleet of vehicles, covering the full UK.  With the introduction of new staff that has many years experience in the supply and implementation of vehicle management systems, combined with the wealth of experience we have from operating our own fleet for the last 35 years led us to launch our own system.  Our approach to the supply of vehicle tracking is to keep it simple and plain English.

"a fleet management system from someone who uses it"


GPS Tracking provides full real-time vehicle information on your fleet; this can be done from any computer with a web browser. There is no requirement for software downloads to gain access to your vehicle information.

Offering unlimited users unlimited user access to full vehicle management reports with full UK mapping down to street level, we deliver precise vehicle movements and location.

Affordable Fleet Management

GPS Tracking units are fitted to your vehicles for a one off payment that includes all installation costs. There are no lengthy contracts to sign; it’s simply pay as you go for a vehicle unit that you own.  The low cost monthly pay as you go service charge includes all airtime rental and data transfer costs. As you can see the incentive is clearly ours to look after you and ensure we retain you as a valued customer.  

"reliable proven vehicle tracking without a costly contract"


We understand from firsthand experience vehicle information is only any use when it is clear and easily understood, our reporting suite generates easy to read vehicle data in a format that has clarity and precision.  

With all of our combined skills and experience here at Diamond it is our belief that we can look at and understand any fleet operator’s needs and requirements, to enable our system users to achieve the maximum of savings on most of its fleet operation running costs.

"pay as you go vehicle tracking"


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